Why Not a Wedding Scrapbook

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Even with the advent of the Internet, weddings should still be marked by memorabilia or keepsakes. While you can save all your photographs in a flash drive or a compact disc, you will definitely want to have something tangible to remember the day by. Why not compile your prints in a scrapbook which can be enjoyed by friends and family and can be preserved for a long time without needing upgrades or any other technology to be able to keep accessing it for a long time?

Your wedding scrapbook can be divided into three segments; the wedding preparation, the actual wedding day and of course, the honeymoon. Apart from prints of all the wedding pictures, you can also collect certain artifacts relating to all the stages of the wedding and the honeymoon

You may want to preserve a copy of the wedding invitation and thank-you-cards, the paper where you wrote your vows, some trimmings from your bouquet, your plane tickets to the Bahamas or receipts from the hotel you stayed in. Make sure to use sturdy materials that can be preserved and hidden for posterity. Surprisingly, plastic covers endure for a long time and even if they deteriorate with time, you can always replace them. You can even laminate the paper stuff before sticking them to your scrapbook to preserve them forever. You will be thankful 20 years down the line for keeping your wedding mementos in a scrapbook as you can show them to your friends.

Your Medieval-Inspired Wedding

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A bride should feel queenly during the biggest day of her life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring back the Middle Ages into your wedding? Firstly, you need a fair amount of lead time in preparing for your Medieval-themed wedding. There are other major considerations that go into the planning for this once in a lifetime event.

The Venue

It’s a good thing that most churches look Medieval enough. You should have a wide range of churches to choose from with either a Gothic or Romanesque style of architecture. Check out libraries or other old structures as they may allow lending their space for your event. If you’re loaded, a Scottish castle is just perfect.

The Gowns and Other Clothing

The challenge here is getting your guests to go with the theme. The key is to improvise and to educate your guests on what type of wardrobe would pass as Medieval. You may want to research inexpensive costume-rental shops where your guests can rent their clothes for the wedding. They might even thank you for it as rentals are way cheaper than purchasing an attire that they would likely use only once.

Flowers and Other Embellishments

It’s quite easy to create a medieval themed venue. Think pillars and spacious halls, colorful banners and a lot of gold. Switch flowers with herbs and ferns. Your bouquet should be predominantly herbs and wheat with little sprinkles of flowers. You may want to rent a carriage to take you to the church and from the church to the reception. Pewter goblets, plates and utensils are common enough and easy to arrange for. Just think of how pretty all these would look in your photographs and it will be all worth the long and detailed preparation.